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10pcs APPLE 4th Generation iPod, Photo MP3, U2 Player Battery

10pcs APPLE 4th Generation iPod, Photo MP3, U2 Player Battery


10pcs Replacement APPLE 616-0183 IPod Battery

Compatible Part Numbers:
616-0183, 616-0206

Product ID: IPOD-4(616-0183)

Compatibility: For 4th generation iPod or iPod Photo
Battery Type: Li-ion
Voltage: 3.70V
Capacity: 750mAh
Color: Black
Dimension: 50.65 x 36.50 x 4.35 mm
Product Type: Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition: New, 1 year warranty!
Weight: 22.68 g

Product Description:
    APPLE 4th Generation iPod
        M9268CH/A, M9268KH/A, M9268*/A,
        M9268TA/A, M9282CH/A, M9282FE/A,
        M9282J/A, M9282KH/A, M9282LL/A,
        M9282TA/A, M9282X/A, M9282*,
    APPLE iPod Photo
        M9585B/A, M9585CH/A, M9585FE/A,
        M9585J/A, M9585KH/A, M9585LL/A,
        M9585TA/A, M9585X/A, M9585ZR/A,
        M9585ZV/A, M9585*, M9585*/A,
        M9586B/A, M9586CH/A, M9586FE/A,
        M9586J/A, M9586KH/A, M9586LL/A,
        M9586TA/A, M9586X/A, M9586ZR/A,
        M9586ZV/A, M9586*, M9586*/A
        M9829*, M9829*/A, M9829CH/A,
        M9829DK/A, M9829FD/A, M9829FE/A,
        M9829J/A, M9829KH/A, M9829TA/A,
        M9829X/A, M9829Z/A, M9830*,
        M9830*/A, M9830CH/A, M9830DK/A,
        M9830FD/A, M9830FE/A, M9830J/A,
        M9830KH/A, M9830TA/A, M9830X/A,

    APPLE iPod U2 Series
        U2 M9787

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