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Battery Charger for Canon BP-511

Battery Charger for Canon BP-511


Charger for Canon BP-511 BP-512 BP-514 BP-535 Battery


Brand New Replacement Camcorder Battery Charger 

For Canon:BP-508, BP-511,BP-535

Fit Models:  

Canon PV130

Canon DM-MV Series
    DM-MV30, DM-MV30i, 
    DM-MV100Xi, DM-MV400,
    DM-MV400i, DM-MV430,
    DM-MV450, DM-MV450i,

Canon FV Series
    FV100, FV200, FV30,
    FV300, FV40

Canon FV KIT Series
    FV300 KIT, FV40 KIT

Canon FVM Series
    FVM1, FVM10

Canon MV300 Series
    MV300, MV300i

Canon MV400 Series
    MV400, MV400i, MV430i,

Canon MV500 Series
    MV500, MV500i, MV530i,

Canon MV600 Series
    MV600, MV600i, MV630i,

Canon MV700 Series
    MV700, MV700i, MV730i,

Canon MVX Series
    MVX100i, MVX150i, MVX2i,

Canon Optura Series
    Optura 10, Optura 20,
    Optura 50MC, Optura 100MC,
    Optura 200MC, Optura Pi,
    Optura Xi

Canon ZR Series
    ZR-10, ZR-20, ZR-25MC,
    ZR-30MC, ZR-40, ZR-50MC,
    ZR-60, ZR-65MC, ZR-70MC,
    ZR-80, ZR-85, ZR-90

Canon EOS Series
    EOS-10D, EOS-20D, EOS-20Da,
    EOS-D30, EOS-D60, EOS-300D,
    EOS-Digital Rebel, EOS Kiss Digital

Canon PowerShot Series
    PowerShot G1, PowerShot G2, PowerShot G3,
    PowerShot G5, Powershot G6, PowerShot Pro 1,
    PowerShot Pro 90 IS/G1

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