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Battery for Sony NP-77 NP-68 NP-98 NP-55 NP-33 4000mAh

Battery for Sony NP-77 NP-68 NP-98 NP-55 NP-33 4000mAh


Battery for Sony NP-77 NP-68 NP-98 NP-55 NP-33 4000mAh

100% new high quality generic (non-OEM) Sony NP-77 Ni-MH battery pack.
100% original manufacturer compatible.
No memory effect. Chargeable even if it has not been used up yet.
Full One Year Warranty

Chemistry: Ni-MH
Volts: 6.0V
Capacity: 4000mAh
Color: Black

Best Replacement for the original Battery:

Sony BP975NMH, EB-55, EVC-9100, EVC-X7, GV-200, NP-30, NP-33, NP4500, NP-4500, NP-55, NP-55H, NP-588A, NP-60, NP-60D, NP-65, NP-65D, NP-66, NP-66/H, NP-66H, NP-68, NP-70, NP-77, NP-77/H, NP-77H, NP-77HD, NP-78, NP-80, NP-80D, NP-90, NP-90D, NP-98, NP-98D, NP-99, NPC65, NP-C65, NP-S1, NP-S55A, NP-S88A, SonyNP78, SonyNP98, VP320H2, VSN001C19, VSN001M19, VSN002, VSN003M08, VSN033, VSN036, VSN039 Again and Again CH-624, CH-630, CH-631, RC6032 Ambico V-0817, V-0825 Amcam 175 APS BC1040 Aztec AZ 6000, AZ 6015, AZ 6018, AZ 6024, AZ6018, AZ6027, AZ602LD, AZ6240, Batteries R Us C-111-188, C-115-188H, C-118-789, C-122-188HH Bescor BP-975, BP-975XT Chinon C8-B36, C8-B36-1, C8-B36-2, C8-SC96, C8-SC98 Cresta CC126, CC127, CC128, CC129 Curtis Mathes KB00005

Direct Power Plus DPV-1045, DPV-8066T, DPV-8077, DPV-8088, DV-8044, DV-8055, DV-8066, DV-8066P, DV-8077 Empire BNH109, BNH-109.4, BNH-109-3, BNH1504L, BNH-159-2.1, BNH-159-4, EPP-109, EPP-109-1.5, EPP-109-2, EPP-109-2.4, EPP-150, EPP-159, EPP-159-1.5, ZMF-109-2.1 Energizer CCM-2460, CCM-5060, CCM-5060A, CM-2560, CM-2560-C, CM-4160, CM-4160C, CM-5060, ER-C5160 Ferguson F801 GE 1CVA157C, 1CVA158C, AV608, AV8MM, AV8MSH Gemini CQ66, CQ77 Goldstar GS-E2, VS4-8, VS-8320, VS-8500, VS-8800, VS-C55
GP VD153 GPI V-102, V-103, V-104, V-105 Grundig BP-80, BP8-5 Hahnel 046371, M4000

Hama 46371, 46404, CP-371, CP-437 Hitachi VM-BP82RS Jasco 8419 JBRO TP-66, TP-66/16, TP-77, TP-77H, TP-77H/17XL, TP-80U, TP-80UL, TP-BT80 JC Penney 934-0357 Kyocera BP-150, BP-1501, BP-1502, BP-1550, BP-170, FP-150, FP-1501, FP-1502, FP-1550, FP-170 Lenmar NMP41, SP55S, SP66, SP67S, SP77H, SP77HL, SP77L, SP77LD, SP77UH Magnavox SBV1551S01, SBV1561S01 Maxell M6015, M6015NH, M6022, M6024, M6035, M6040, M6045, M605, M6060, M6070, M7000 Memorex 16-858 Mitsubishi BY-U1, BY-U2 Nikon NP-55, NP-77H Optex NP188, NP55, NP66, NP77 Optimus 16-2330, 16-864 Panasonic DYDB50EX, VBS10H Pentax NP-55, NP-77 Philips SBV1551S01 PhotoCo / Aztec AZ1506, AZ2006, AZ6018, AZ6027, AZ6240

PhotoCo AZ6018, AZ6027, AZ6240 Polaroid PR-624H, PR632H, PR-640H Power Line SON-55, SON-66-15, SON-77-2, SON-77-24, SON-77-36 Pro Force 1101 Probasic VX2000, VX3000 Radio Shack 23-184, 23-215, 23-216 Rayovac RV1045, RV-1045, RV3002, RV3004, RV3006, RV-3006, RV3011, RV3016, RV-3016, RV4019, RV-8066, RV9011 RCA AV8M3W, AV8MM, AV-8MM, AV8MSH, AVC8M, SB-1260 Ricoh DRP-2, NP-55, NP-77 Rosslare RS55, RS66, RS67, RS77H

Saft CH624, RC6000, RC6015, RC6017, RC6018, RC6019, RC6024, RC6031 Sakar BP-3NIMHCL, CB-10, CB-3NIMH Samsung AD4300004A, NB-E120A, NB-E60A, NB-E70A, NC-120, NC-120N, NC-120P, NC-240, NH-170, NH-180, NH-340, SCA-12 Sanyo CD60, NP-55, NP-77 Satter 06SN18, 06SN77H Sears 53988 Sharp BT-77, BT-80, BT-BH70, BT-BH70(U), CCM-4060A

Sima SB-66, SB-789 Sunpak RB-40S, RB-55, RB-70U, RB-70UL, RB-77, RB-77S, RB-80S, RB-80U, RB-80UL, RB-90U, RB-90UL, RP-40S, SV-11 Telepower TP-55, TP-66, TP-77, TP-77H, TP-BP16, TP-BP17 Thomson BP41 Ultrapower CAM-1077, CAM-252, CAM-522, CAM-552, CAM-566, CAM-577H, CAM-577L Uniphot SDV-80B Varta V201, V213, V215, V216, V217, V218, V-67, V-68 VDO RB-66 Vivitar V-55, V-56, V-67, V-77 VPI VP-77, Yashica BP-1501, BP-1502, BP-170, FP-1550 Zenith VAC-110, VAC-450, VAC-560, VAC8045, VAC-8045, VAC8090, VAC-8090, VAC906, VAC-906, VAC-914 battery pack.

Compatible with model:

Sony CCD-TR Series

CCD-TR3, CCD-TR4, CCD-TR5, CCD-TR6, CCD-TR7, CCD-TR8, CCD-TR9, CCD-TR21, CCD-TR23, CCD-TR28, CCD-TR30, CCD-TR30S, CCD-TR31, CCD-TR33, CCD-TR36, CCD-TR40, CCD-TR44, CCD-TR45, CCD-TR45E, CCD-TR45WH, CCD-TR50, CCD-TR50E, CCD-TR51, CCD-TR54, CCD-TR55, CCD-TR55E, CCD-TR57, CCD-TR60, CCD-TR60E, CCD-TR61, CCD-TR64, CCD-TR65, CCD-TR66, CCD-TR67, CCD-TR70, CCD-TR70E, CCD-TR71, CCD-TR72, CCD-TR73, CCD-TR74, CCD-TR75, CCD-TR75E, CCD-TR76, CCD-TR78, CCD-TR81, CCD-TR84, CCD-TR86, CCD-TR88, CCD-TR91, CCD-TR93, CCD-TR94, CCD-TR96, CCD-TR98, CCD-TR99, CCD-TR100, CCD-TR101, CCD-TR105, CCD-TR105E, CCD-TR150, CCD-TR202, CCD-TR202E, CCD-TR205, CCD-TR250E, CCD-TR300, CCD-TR303, CCD-TR305, CCD-TR305E, CCD-TR323, CCD-TR323E, CCD-TR330, CCD-TR333, CCD-TR333E, CCD-TR353E, CCD-TR380E, CCD-TR385E, CCD-TR400, CCD-TR450, CCD-TR505, CCD-TR505K, CCD-TR530, CCD-TR550, CCD-TR580E, CCD-TR600, CCD-TR606E, CCD-TR614, CCD-TR700, CCD-TR705, CCD-TR705E, CCD-TR707, CCD-TR707E, CCD-TR714, CCD-TR750, CCD-TR750E, CCD-TR805, CCD-TR805E, CCD-TR808, CCD-TR814, CCD-TR900, CCD-TR916, CCD-TR2000, CCD- TR3000E

Sony CCD-TRV Series


Sony CCD-V Series

CCD-V4, CCD-V9, CCD-V9E, CCD-V11, CCD-V55, CCD-V88, CCD-V88E, CCD-V90, CCD-V90E, CCD-V95E, CCD-V99, CCD-V101, CCD-V301, CCD-V330E, CCD-V340E, CCD-V401, CCD-V4330E, CCD-V500, CCD-V550, CCD-V600, CCD-V600E, CCD-V601, CCD-V700, CCD-V700E, CCD-V701, CCD-V800, CCD-V800E, CCD-V801, CCD-V900, CCD-V900E, CCD-V2006i, CCD-V5000, CCD-V5000E, CCD-V6000, CCD-V6000E

Sony CCD-VX Series


Sony EVC Series

EVC-X7, EVC-9100

Sony MVC Series

MVC-2000, MVC-5000

Samsung SCK75

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