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Micro Dimm 256 MB DDR 333 Mini memory SONY ASUS JVC

Micro Dimm 256 MB DDR 333 Mini memory SONY ASUS JVC


Micro Dimm MINI Memory for Laptops
DDR I  333Mhz 256 MB

specail  Memory for Subnotebooks SONY, TOSHIBA

shipping from HongKong, shipping time about 7-14 days

Lists compatible laptops:

Sony PCG-TR3/B, TR3E/B, PCG-U101P, PCG-X505, X505P, X505SP, X505ZP, VGN Series VGN-A11C, VAIO type S VGN-S2HRP, S2VP, S2XP, S2XRP, S16C, S16LP, S16GP, S16SP, S16TP, S17C, S18CP, S18GP, S18LP, S18SP, S18TP, S26C, S26GP, S26LP, S26SP, S28CP, S28LP, S28GP, S28SP, S28TP, S36C/B, S36C/S, S36GP/B, S36GP/S, S36LP/S, S36SP/S, S50B, S51B, S52B, S62PSY1, S62PSY2, S62PSY3, S62PSY4, S70B, S70P, S71PB, S90, S90ps, S90PS/S, S90PSY1, S90PSY2, S90PSY3, S90PSY4, S90PSY5, S90PSY6, S90S, S91P, S91PSY1, S91PSY2, S91PSY3, S91PSY4, S91PSY5, S91PSY6, T91PSY7, S150, S150F, S150F/P, S150KIT1, S150P, S150S, S170, S170B, S170B1, S170B2, S170B11, S170B13, S170B14, VGN-S170B17, S170B18, S170B21, S170B22, S170B25, S170B26, S170B29, S170B3, S170B3C, S170B11, S170B13, S170B14, S170B17, S170B17C, S170B3C, S170B18, S170B21, S170B31, S170B33, S170B5, S170B7, S170B9, S170F, S170P, S170P (CTO), S170P10, S170P12, S170P15, S170P16, S170P23, S170P23C, S170P24, S170P27, S170P28, S170P30, S170P32, S170P34, S170P4, S170P6, S170P8, S170PVN, S170PVN1, S170PVNC, S170VN, S170VN1, S250F, S250FP, S260KIT1, S260PKIT1, S270B CTO, S270, S270F, S270L, S270P, S350F, S350FP, S360, S360P, S370F, S1701, S1702, T1XP/L, T1XP/T, T2XP/L, T2XP/S, T2XRP/S, T15C/S, T15C/T, T16GP/S, T16GP/T, T16RLPS, T16LP/S, T16SP/S, T17C/S, T17GP/S, T17LP/S, T17TP/S, T17TP/T, T26C/L, T26C/T, T26SP/S, T27GP, T27GPL, T27GPST30B, T27LP, T36SP/S, T37C/L, T37GP/L, T37GP/S, T51B, T51L, T70B, T71B, T72B/T, T90P, T130FL, T130FP, T130FPL, T140, T140L, T140P, T140P/L, T160P, T160P/L, T170P/L, T240P/L, T250, T250/L, T250P/L, T250P/S, T250PS, T260L, T260P, T260P/L, T260PL, T270L, T270P, T270P/L, T270PL, T340P/L, T350, T350L, T350P/L, T350P/S, T350P/T, T360P/L, T370P/L. VAIO PCG-TR1, TR1A, TR1AP, TR1/B, TR1F, TR1MP, TR1S, TR2, TR2A, TR2AP3, TR2AP1, TR2/B, TR2C, TR2E, TR2F, TR2L, TR2MP, TR2/P, TR2S, TR2T, TR3A, TR3AP1, TR3AP2, TR3AP3, TR3F, TR3S, TR3T, TR5AP, TR5APUC, TR5B, TR5C, TR5F, TR5L, TR5GP, TR5MP, TR5EB, TR5PS, TR5S, U101, VAIP Lite TR PCG-TR1/B, PCG-TR1/P, PCG-TR2/B, PCG-TR2/P, PCG-TR2E, PCG-TR3/B, PCG-TR3/S, PCG-TR3/SP, PCG-TR3E/B, PCG-TR5TP, PCG-TR5ZC, PCG-X505CP, VGN-S1HP, S1VP, S1XP, S2HP, S170B2 (VGN S170B2).
Panasonic Let's note CF-R2 CF-R3 CF-T2 CF-W2 CF-Y2, Let's note LIGHT CF-R2 CF-R3 CF-T2 CF-W2 CF-Y2, Toughbook Let'snote LIGHT L2 Series.

JVC/Victor InterLink XP MP-XP731, MP-XP631, MP-XP831, MP-XP7310RC, MP-XP7310LL, MP-XP7310, JVC/Victor InterLink XV MPXV 841, MPXV 941.

Fujitsu Lifebook P7000, P7000D, P7010, P7010D, FMV-BIBLO LOOX T50H, T50K, T 55G FMVLT 55G 256M , T70H, T70K, T70K/T, T90D FMVLT90D.

ASUS M5200N (M5N), S5200N Notebook S5N S300

Hitachi FLORA 210W


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