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New HP ENVY 13 Base Battery BS06

New HP ENVY 13 Base Battery BS06


Battery Type: Li-ion
Colour: Sliver   
Voltage: 11.1V 
Warranty: 12 months
Condition: Brand New
Part Number:
519249-171 538334-001 HSTNN-IB99
HSTNN-XB99 Base battery

Fit Moldel:
Envy 13 Envy 13-1000 Envy 13-1001TX  Base battery
Envy 13-1002TX Envy 13-1003XX Envy 13-1004TX
Envy 13-1005TX Envy 13-1006TX Envy 13-1007EV
Envy 13-1007LA Envy 13-1007TX Envy 13-1008TX
Envy 13-1010ER Envy 13-1015ER Envy 13-1030CA
Envy 13-1030NR Envy 13-1050EA Envy 13-1050EF
Envy 13-1050EG Envy 13-1050ES Envy 13-1099EO
Envy 13-1099XL Envy 13-1100 Envy 13-1940EZ
Envy 13t-1000

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  • Model: ENVY 13 Base
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